Industry's We Serve

Power Control Solutions in Agriculture

It takes day-in and day-out commitment to sustain an industry as fundamental as the agriculture industry. Our partnership with agriculture, however, goes beyond food. Check in with your local Dykman location today to talk about solutions to your applications. We offer 15 warehouse locations, premier network of industry experts, and 24-hour sales support.

Gear Reducers, Gear Boxes and Gearing Solutions for Material Handling

Take advantage of our full line of stock gearing solutions. Our product range sets us apart from the competition. A quick look shows that we stock for OEMs, have fast delivery, pre-loaded part numbers, competitive pricing, and whole sale discounts. See our gearing line card here and talk to a team member to find the best solution for you.

Motor and Drives Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Dykman Electrical has extensive experience providing motors and drives to the oil and gas industry. That is why we have strategic locations in the heart of the industry. Our products can be found on oil well pumps, oil rigs, H pumps, and up-stream applications. We will help you find the right products for your oil and gas applications. Contact a Dykman team member today to start your consultation.

Plastics and Rubber Automation Solutions

We stock premium efficient electric motors and drives that your applications demand. Our turn key offerings ensure that we can find a solution to your problems. Trust in our ability to find you the best product, in stock, and the right price to keep your rubber and plastic operations on line. Contact your territory team member here to find a Rubber/Plastics equipment solution today.

Food and Beverage Automation Solutions

Stainless steel, single phase, wash down, and encapsulated motors. Just a few of the solutions we stock. But, stocking the right motor for the right job is just the beginning. Our affordable stainless-steel stock ensures the Dykman advantage. Talk to a team-member for more information about how we provide knowledgeable solutions service, in stock product, and affordable prices.

Wind Mill Power Solutions

Now more than ever Dykman delivers the ability to quickly and easily respond to today’s wind mill business needs. Our in-stock product, wholesale distributor pricing, on staff industry experts, and turn key solutions position us to help with any wind mill project. We offer a full line of support to keep your wind mill project on budget and on schedule. That is our commitment. Contact your local team member for our full wind mill support solutions.

Packaging Industry Solutions

Are you looking for 24 hour support? Or do you need gear boxes, motors, and drives in stock and ready to ship? Dykman has you covered. Our line card offers a total automation and motion control solution for the packaging industry. Plus, our knowledgeable team will work to get you the most cost effective, energy efficient, or custom solution to your applications. Our distribution covers motors, drives, gearing, and power control. We also stock sub NEMA, NEMA, and above NEMA motors and drives commonly found in the packaging industry. Avoid costly down time by contacting your Dykman team member today.

Timber Processing Automation solutions

Our team recognizes that timber processing is a unique and challenging environment for industrial equipment. From extreme heat to long operating hours your motors and drives will be put to the test. That is why we offer a full line of support to keep your mills operating. Our kiln duty series, roller bearing, and crusher duty motors are all in stock. Contact your local rep to get a quote or talk about how our line card offerings will help you meet any demand.

Motion Control and Automation Solutions

Made in America is more than a slogan. It is a statement to a proud tradition that Dykman is honored to support. Markets may ebb and flow but our commitment to our partners has never been stronger. That’s why we offer a full product range to support nearly any manufacturing application. A look at our full line card can get you started finding the right motor, drive, gearing, or power transmission solution to your motion control needs. Contact your local team member to find out how we will help.

Electric Motors and VFDs for the Mining Industry

Dykman’s extensive product line can be seamlessly integrated with complex mining applications. Because we are an authorized distributor for leading manufacturers, we can easily find a solution to even the toughest problems. Our extensive line card and product knowledge supports a thriving partnership in gold, copper, aggregate, cement, salt, silver, and many other minerals. See our complete motor and drives line here.

Custom Transformer Power Solutions

Dykman is committed to offer a turnkey solution to your unique power generation demands. We recognize that only a custom solution can support your individual projects. That is why we offer IEEE 519 control panels, eHouses, motor control centers, switchgear, custom build-ups, start-up assistance, new installations, and retrofits. Our distribution channel is equally as wide and we have an experienced and knowledgeable team to provide support. Contact us today for a customized power solution.

Motor and Drives Solutions in Water Control

Dykman provides in-stock, energy efficient, low and medium voltage vertical motors for water pumping applications. Our relationship with the industry leaders in vertical motors has allowed us to invest in a robust inventory of commonly used ratings in both hollow shaft and solid shaft motors. Our product line offers solutions for wastewater treatment, pipeline, water distribution, desalination, water treatment, and other water control applications. Check in with your local sales member for price and stock location.